Gratitude from Mike

Welcome to 2013 and goodbye to 2012. I have been told by well intended well wishers that 2013 will have to be a better year, because 2012 was so tough. Honestly though, I cannot look at things this way. The reason is simple. In 2012 I found increased faith, friendship, and closeness to family. Plus, […]

Last night

Hopefully Mike is coming home tomorrow. The hospital needs to get him a portable wound vac. If they had it today he could be home now. He will have a lot of healing to do once home. But we will be so happy to have him home. 12 days in the hospital is a long […]

Suffering loves company?

I have been sick for the past 5 days or so, and yesterday I was banned from visiting Mike, by Mike. For good reason, he is afraid that I might share a new germ or virus along with my love. I’m sitting in my doctor’s office right now waiting, I think I have a sinus […]

Breathing tube is out!

I’ve been waiting all day to write. I wanted to write something good. His breathing tube was just removed, YEAH! His first words, “I love you Nessa” NOT! He said to the doctor, “I’ve been farting, when can I eat?” He has not eaten since December 15th. Hopefully he will get to eat tomorrow. It’s […]

The 8th day, Christmas

This morning we had high hopes that Mike would be taken off the breathing machine. They took him completely out of sedation and although he couldn’t talk, he had a lot to say. The hospital has a laminated page with letters and pictures and we came up with a methodology to get his words out […]

No more surgery

Mike is out of surgery and the surgeons sewed up his stomach fascia (good), but left his skin open to keep him clean and to drain fluids. Tonight he has a wet/dry bandage and tomorrow they will use the wound vac to slowly close his skin together until it heals. I think I got this […]